Feathery Links

HawkWatch International

Our Mission: to protect hawks, eagles, other birds of prey, and their environment, through research, education, and conservation.



Ornithology.com is for all ornithologists, budding ornithologists, bird enthusiasts, and the environmentally-minded. It is the place to begin for information on wild birds.


Raptor Research Foundation

A professional society concerned with the study and conservation of birds of prey


Cornell Lab of Ornithology

A membership institution interpreting and conserving the earth's biological diversity through research, education, and citizen science focused on birds.


Birds of Prey Foundation

Rehabilitation of and education about raptors, and improvement of captive raptor care.


The Peregrine Fund

Working to conserve wild populations of birds of prey.


Hawk Mountain Sanctuary

A window on raptor migration.


American Birding Association

North America's largest membership organization for active birders <96> providing leadership to field birders by increasing their knowledge, skills, and enjoyment of birding, and by contributing to bird conservation.


Don Baccus - Goshute Raptor Migration Site

Provides information on the hottest raptor migration spot in the western United States - the Goshutes Mountains.


American Ornithologists' Union

Founded in 1883, the American Ornithologists' Union is the oldest and largest organization in the New World devoted to the scientific study of birds. Although the AOU primarily is a professional organization, its membership of about 4,000 includes many amateurs dedicated to the advancement of ornithological science.


Buteo Books

Offers thousands of titles of ornithology-related books and other materials. Founded in 1971 by Joyce and Byron Harrell in Vermillion, South Dakota. (Now in Shipman, Virginia.)