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During this 347-day reporting period, a total of 189 different nicks were represented on #Feathers (yearly).

Times are in EST (-5h from GMT).

Key: male female unidentified

Most active times
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Most active nicks
 NickNumber of linesWhen?Number of WordsWords per lineRandom quote Userpic
1 Buran25431 28695911.3"Phone number formatting is different." Buran
2 Whyrl22432 1388276.2"City centres are rarely appealing." Whyrl
3 Tadrith15583 954796.1"No... the notify went off and I woke up. :>" Tadrith
4 Kibbe10123 884488.7"Not really any louder than the suns" Kibbe
5 Expandranon12513 873627.0"It's the only kind I can give." Expandranon
6 Takena12829 844456.6"It was a new twist in the Hulk." Takena
7 Archai8424 830949.9"Or did it at the appt., too?" Archai
8 Skandranon12546 779356.2"Using it for the warning message on the DVD I'm making for 2 :>" Skandranon
9 Warphammer13536 701775.2"I guess I misunderstood you. What were you saying?" Warphammer
10 Hawthorn10959 666476.1"And Saturday is Tiswas day." Hawthorn
11 Saoirse10772 554015.1"How the hell was that drawing unrefined and/or lacking detail?" Saoirse
12 Aubri8786 528116.0"The moon gets darker/totality approaches/Total moon eclipse." Aubri
13 Stormrider5296 506469.6"You're more likely to find someone you can actually be with now." Stormrider
14 Steelwing7317 440396.0"You shouldn't be so jealous. :>" Steelwing
15 Arrow7922 432455.5"Oh. Im not trying to be mean..." Arrow
16 Bushrat5815 358996.2"I have the blue and violet versions of these here" Bushrat
17 Lanakila2522 3380213.4"I will. Thank you, Blue burd!" Lanakila
18 Keenath4882 330516.8"Oh, yeah. I could sing the entire song." Keenath
19 Gauri4498 303026.7"I got a hole in me pocket." Gauri
20 Riq`ris2790 274609.8"NovaPhoenix? The Victorian?" Riq`ris
21 Pshaw3585 263097.3"Like soaking vanilla beans in vodka" Pshaw
22 Dahliah4734 253235.3"Desperatly Seeking Grammer Skills." Dahliah
23 ArchTeryx2487 240379.7"He got it from a vulture. They;re the best judges. ;)"
24 Bingo4297 231475.4"Why.. is it so .. Quiet...?" Bingo
25 Timwi5012 228534.6"Blinking there, eh? Hah! :)" Timwi
26 Prio3560 212456.0"Play Flash games that suck. ;> Sell items in your shop." Prio
27 Flying_Fish2676 210317.9"Ah well, thought I'd check before going out..."
28 Bluejay1735 1933011.1"TLA = Three Letter Abbreviation" Bluejay
29 SeaCigar1937 174659.0"LOL, nothing. just pointing out the similarities."
30 Kreggan2624 160976.1"Though most of the time, I can't make coordinated turns. :>" Kreggan
31 Sayh2462 156536.4"PIPS and wants WARM WEEATHER" Sayh
32 Kole1906 156018.2"It still has meat and the eyes..." Kole
33 SlickScale2428 140035.8"Goes well. :) Cookin' up some leftover curry" SlickScale
34 Varyk2441 139895.7"Uh oh, here comes the Douglas Adams."
35 Eldarath2871 139244.8"True...perhaps I should go bitch at Wildtangent" Eldarath
36 Gyrhawk2271 136266.0""An alarm clock at Radio Shack. ^_^" Gyrhawk
37 Redtailed1331 121119.1"At this point they just want to know what it will take." Redtailed
38 Thunderstrike1354 111258.2"And they will be ransomed for... ONE MILLION DOLLARS! */pinky*"
39 KaCrow1183 110229.3"Fairfucks, Vagina to those of us who live here." KaCrow
40 PumaGryph1160 108609.4"So do I... usualy. In this case I think I'll make an exception."
41 Akil1438 94376.6"My connection was totally messed up last night." Akil
42 Xaxoqual-Astralwing1817 72924.0"That's because it works on the same idea..." Xaxoqual-Astralwing
43 Pandion1225 60765.0"Skan, come on, you ought be able to answer that." Pandion
44 Bennie748 51266.9"I got your abyss riiiight here =P" Bennie
45 Whitewater532 51029.6"Take care. Get better soon. ^^" Whitewater
46 NovaPhoenix880 47105.4"I WILL NOW USE MY ALL MIGHTY BURP HAMMER!!!!!!!!!!!11"
47 Rafn505 42328.4"(wonders what his client is dropping this time)" Rafn
48 Nabuca511 39097.6"I need to talk to youuuuuuuuuu"
49 ClairChocobo936 35793.8"You should join my collection!" ClairChocobo
50 Kyrian719 35284.9"Praetorian Language District" Kyrian

These didn't make it to the top:
Caroline (3074) Dougie (2941) Scarletdown (2835) Phiner (2566) Glee (2252)
Sparro (2119) Swandog (2088) Harpy (2043) Bloo (1836) ragarth (1744)
Flashbird (1663) Nightstorm (1621) Blackfox (1346) Kynekh (1321) Soltris (1166)
Dyne_Xenthorn (1110) Iolarnula (1098) Rezzit (1084) Atolm (1074) Saiph (1063)
Stormdancer (1033) Phyrbyrd1 (1026) Floid (1024) Blaze (961) Phyrbyrd (961)
C_Eagle (908) Mirrdae (898) Slyboots (876) Keepiru (784) Cawfee (688)
DeRaptor (674) TheRegalTigeress (659) Odin (643) Inspiri (623) Nanakii (607)
Thrash (595) Dilph (589) Raik`ta (570) Ara (566) Nauta (558)
Pegasheep (534) Targo (532) Hastka (525) BirdMadGirl (523) Ka_Crow (514)
SarahHarpy (505) KiroNeem (473) arikla (472) Galenth (467) Ruffle (462)

By the way, there were 89 other nicks.

Most active nicks by hours
  0-5 6-11 12-17 18-23
1 Whyrl - 6716
Whyrl - 2882
Buran - 4219
Buran - 13322
2 Buran - 6709
Tadrith - 1957
Kibbe - 4153
Whyrl - 8999
3 Takena - 5561
Expandranon - 1841
Hawthorn - 3838
Warphammer - 7712
4 Tadrith - 4013
Saoirse - 1503
Whyrl - 3835
Tadrith - 6918
5 Archai - 3382
Stormrider - 1383
Warphammer - 3249
Aubri - 6677
6 Skandranon - 3377
Kibbe - 1301
Takena - 3071
Expandranon - 5909
7 Steelwing - 2360
Timwi - 1248
Expandranon - 2857
Skandranon - 5423
8 Gauri - 2267
Skandranon - 1197
Tadrith - 2695
Hawthorn - 5195
9 Expandranon - 1906
Buran - 1181
Stormrider - 2555
Saoirse - 5153
10 Saoirse - 1898
Hawthorn - 1144
Skandranon - 2549
Bushrat - 4443

Big numbers
Is Flying_Fish stupid or just asking too many questions? 20.1% lines contained a question!
Expandranon didn't know that much either. 16.8% of his lines were questions.
The loudest one was Harpy, who yelled 24.3% of the time!
Another old yeller was Bluejay, who shouted 23.1% of the time!
It seems that Targo's shift-key is hanging: 6.7% of the time he wrote UPPERCASE.
For example, like this:
     <Targo> BRB

DeRaptor just forgot to deactivate her Caps-Lock. She wrote UPPERCASE 5.7% of the time.
Whyrl is a very aggressive person. He attacked others 37 times.
For example, like this:
     * Whyrl pecks mIRC helpfully.

Takena can't control her aggressions, either. She picked on others 34 times.
Poor Skandranon, nobody likes him. He was attacked 24 times.
For example, like this:
     * Buran slaps SkanLaptop around a bit with a large trout

Aubri seems to be unliked too. He got beaten 24 times.
Whitewater brings happiness to the world. 37.0% lines contained smiling faces. :)
Riq`ris isn't a sad person either, smiling 29.8% of the time.
Slyboots seems to be sad at the moment: 3.2% lines contained sad faces. :(
Iolarnula is also a sad person, crying 0.9% of the time.
Lanakila wrote the longest lines, averaging 80.4 letters per line.
#Feathers (yearly) average was 38.5 letters per line.
Blaze wrote the shortest lines, averaging 12.3 characters per line.
Keepiru was tight-lipped, too, averaging 17.5 characters.
Buran spoke a total of 286959 words!
Buran's faithful follower, Whyrl, didn't speak so much: 138827 words.
Arc|out wrote an average of 29.00 words per line.
Channel average was 7.05 words per line.

Users with most nicknames
 Nick Names Used
1 Kibbe
(224 names)
Kibbegoingtobedagain, Kibbegoingbacktowork, zonkedoutKibbe, Kibbe-go-thud, Kibbe-gone, Kibbe-Grass-Killer, Napingraven, Kibbeyawninginbed, Kibbeworkingagain, wreckedcorvid, Kibbeatworkyetagain, kibbenapingagain, KibbewatchingTV, Kibbe2, Kibbe3, Kibbe-go-night-night, Raventryingtosleepaftereatingp, kibbeouttoworkagain, Kibbegoingtobed-again, kibbe-going-to-bed, Kibbegonetoparrotstoretotalkab, Kibbe-going-to-sleep, kibbegoboom, sleepingdrunkraven, Kibbegoingtobed, raventhuded, Kibbefeedingthebirds, driunkandtryingtosleepraven, kibbesleepingdrunk, napingKibbe, Kibbeheadingouttosellbeer, Sleepingcorvid, Kibbeouttolunchwithexpy, Kibbegonetowork, Kibbeworking, kibbeoutofit, Kibberunningerandsthenbacktowo, kibbegonetobedearly, passedoutcorvid, Kibbegone, outcoldcorvid, Kibbedoingweedwippingatwork, Kibbeout, Kibbepayingbills, Reallytiredraven, napingcorvid, Kibbegoingtosecondjobagain, nappingcorvid, kibbesnothere, goneraven, ravengothud, raven-tryingtosleep, Kibbe\, Kibbe], Kibbefalldowngozzzz, Kibbeshoping, Kibbe-crashed, raven-thud, Kibbewithfood, kibbedrunkandtryingtosleep, Drinkandtiredravengoingtobed, passedoutraven, corvidgonetobedearly, kibbegoneandpassedout, thudedcorvid, drinkandsleepingraven, Kibbesleepingsomemore, Kibber, Kibbe-feeding-da-birds, Kibbesoontobesleeping, Kibbegonesleeping, Kibbew, Expandranon, Kibbe-sleeping, Kibbeatemptingtosleepagain, passedoutkibbe, Kibbeinbed, passedoutcifvid, Kibbe-cleaning-water-dishes, sickcorvidtryingtosleep, Drunkraventryingtosleep, kibbegobedyby, Kibbebacktowork, Kibbecleaningbirdswaterdish, Kibbepassesout, roostingkibbe, gonecorvid, raenthatsoutcold, Kibbeouttolunch, Kibbeatthesecondjob, Ravenworkingunderthetable, Kibbegothudagain, kibbeoutcoldagain, Kibbetossinglaundry, Ravensleeping, Kibbe-toast, Kibbenightnight, lost, kibbeowrkingyetagain, Kibb3, Kibbepassingout, KibberunningroundwithExpy, Kibbeheadingtobed, Kibbe-cleainghousesoisidle, Kibbe-hates-aubri, Kibbe-reading-before-bed, Kibbefixingroadkill, snoringcorvid, Kibbe-off-to-work, Kibbe-is-not-here, kibbenothere, kibbecrashing, Kibbesleepingagain, Kibbeoutwithexpy, Kibbehidinginbedfromthecold, Kibbe-gone-again, Kibbehopingtobepassedout, Kibbeatwork, kibbegoingtogobed, Kibbewatchingaflick, Kibbegonnadothingswithroadkill, Kibbegottaruntotown, Kibbeonthetown, Kibbepaintingupbaldiggles, Jubbe, Kibbehunting, Kibbe-passing-out, Kibbeofftoworkyetagain, tiredraventryingtosleep, Kibbe-feeding-the-birds, Kibbestockingbeeratastopnrob, Kibbe-is-going-to-bed, Kibberoostingwithconures, Kibbehuntingupgroceries, kibbegoneanpasedout, Kibbepoassedout, kibbehavingtogototown, Kibbe, Kibbeouttoseeaflick, OutKoldKibbe, Kibbegoestobed, Kibbeisnothere, Kibbegonetobedagain, Insane, Kibbeouteatingchinese, Thudedraven, Kibbeworkingthestopnrob, Kibbebackatwork, Kibbe-gone-to-bed, Kibbefeedingdafids, kibbewenttobed, Kibbe-working, Kibbeoutandabout, Kibbegoingtosleep, Kibbeatsecondjob, Sleepingkibbe, Kibbecleaningcarsontheside, Death, Kibbe-cleaning-up-after-the-le, kibbeunloadingtruck, drunkandsleepingraven, tryingtosleepcorvid, corvidnothere, Kibbegonetosecondjob, Kibbegoingforasleepstudy, corvidgoingtosleep, Kibbe-paying-car-insurance-and, kibbeatemptingtosleep, Kibbe-at-the-store, Kibbeofftosleep, Kibbe-out, Kibbe-out-buying-birdfood, Kibbetoastedoffhisass, Kibbeoutcold, Kibbetryingtosleep, Kibbeoutcoldhopefully, Kibbeinnashower, Kibbegoingtotryandsleep, Kibbegobedbed, Kibbegivingbirdswater, kibbeatsecondjobagain, Kibbecheckingouttheflicks, ravengoingtosleep, Kibbegoingbed, kibebedlet, Kibbethuded, Kibbegonetoplaywiththebirdys, Kibbekillingweeds, ravengone, KibbegonetoDMV, Kibbegobedsothere, Kibbenaping, Kibbe-no-here, Kibbe-at-bird-club, Kibbe-not-here, Kibbeatstopnrob, Kibbeatworkagain, Kibbepassedout, Kibbedoingthedishes, Kibbe-heads-to-bed, kibbecatchingzzzs, Kibbebusydoingstuff, Kibbe-sleeping-listneingtobaby, Kibbefalldowngothud, kibbegothud, kibbegonetobed, dryingclothes, Kibbegonetoworkagain, Kibbegoneaway, thuds, drunkraventryingtosleep\, Naping-Raven, Odd-Corvid, Kibbe-bedyby, kibbetryingtopassout, Kibbe-going-to-bed-blah, Kibbegonnapassout, Kibbescavenging, Kibbe-In-Bed, Kibbegonnasleep, Kibbe-gonetoworksecondjob, sideworkkibbe, Kibbesleeping, gonetowork
2 Tadrith
(207 names)
TadanSao, TadWhee, TadZZzzz, TadritHeretic, Lou, TadWatchingMovies, Tadriht, TadFood, TadBird, TadHackledUp, TadVacuuming, TadRedRock, TadDoingIdleStuffs, TadHatesBeingInterupted, TadBGone, TadHouseCleaning, BirdBathTad, SlaveTad, TadMeetingSaoWhee, TadrithMurderingPeople, TadInAnotherZipCode, TadShowerin, TadPayne, TadFreezing, TadGame, TadShowerNStuff, T^adrit^h, TadStalking, UnrealTadII, TadOnTheOutsideLookingIn, TadrithHunting, Tad|BBL, TadGoingTo711BeforeHeDies, HtirdatGnitnuh, IckyTad, TadSplashingWhee, Tadirth, Horus, WetTad, TadXPlane, Tad, TadOffHunting, TadOnPhone, TadShower, TadZombie, ATadWet, GoodTadHunting, TadBaf, WetGryphon, TadsemiAfk, TaDrowning, Tad`Nam, TadBath, TadrithJobHunting, Tad|BRB, TadPreening, TadOuttie, TadHunting, TadIsntAPostalWorker, SickTas, TadSplashyInTheBathy, TadBreakfast, Tadintheshower, TadIdleish, TadrithBBIAB, GryphonGonnaKillHisDog, TadEating, Chaocitus, TadHuntingFood, Chaoticus, TBRB, TadrithHuntingFood, TadTryingGame, TadChocobo, TadDoingSomethingElse, TadDrivingMissDaisy, TadCleaning, Saoirse, Taddoingstuffs, TadHurt, TadrithEating, TadBBL, TadPreeningandHunting, TadOffReadingandbeingZenLike, Tadrtih, TadInTheBath, TadQuiet, TadHuntingPepperoni, TadZoom, TadLayingdown, TadHereButNotReally, TadShwr, TaDamnit, TadrithShopping, TadAttackingSpaghetti, TadOutsideWishingWasInside, TadShowerInOhhCool, TadWalkingDog, tadbrb, Tad_Drid, TadIdleAgain, TadUnreal2, LouHunting, T^adS^hower, TadAwayish, TaDoingDishes, TadBatOuttaHell, TadOU, TadQ3, TadGettingClean, TadRead, TadAFK, TadDownstairs, Tadrit, TadShowerWee, TadHL, TadSortaHere, Tadaway, Nobody, TadriffGone, Tad|Not, IronChefTad, Tadritb, Tadrith, TadStuffs, TadFreexing, TadCleaningHouse, TaDisposingofTrash, TaDesperado, TadPhone, TadOtherstuffs, TadSnatch, TadOutForAWalk, Tadirht, TadShowah, TadFOOOOOOOOOOD, TadrithTerrorizingPeople, TadrithDTR2, TadRTCW, TadGTA, TadReading, TadNekkid, TadGone, TadOutsideFreezing, TadNapping, TadGTA3, TadOther, TadIDLE, DeadTadFloating, Tarhitd, TadIsntHere, tAdFrKith, TadBRB_Laughing, TaDevouringFood, TadBEB, TadDinner, SoapyTad, eMule, TadResting, TadMorrowind, TaDinner, TaDrenched, EvilSao, TadrithSpying, TadThereandBackagain, TadNeedsAShower, TaDeeplyFrozen, TaDoingTheIdleThang, TadAFKish, TadInTheShowerWhee, TadLaundry, TadOuterPlace, DarkPhonenix, TadStuff, TadEatingTastyFood, TadChores, TadOff, TadOohmmmm, ShowerTad, TadGhost, TadShower`n, TadBusy, TadWet, TadUnrealDos, DarkPhoenix, TadMercenary, Chevelle, JJTad, TadOUT, TadGonish, TadSplashing, TadCheckingOnCar, TadSplasho, TadSS2, Tadocobo, Tqdrith, TadGettingFood, Quite_nice, UnTad, TadCooking, TadAtBestBuy, TadSplashy, TadWriting, TadWetNWild, TadSplishySplashy, TadWanderedOff, Tadrith\
3 Whyrl
(150 names)
WhyrlInstallingRedHat, WhyrlFollowingTrend, WhyrlTeching, WhyrlBitchingAtParent, WhyrlSplashNPreen, WhyrlPaX0rz, WhyrlCricket, WhyrlPreeny, WhyrlRoosting, WhyrlFlopped, WhyrlFlappyAFK, WhyrlHuntingBrekkie, WhyrlHuntsPizza, WhyrlShorter, WhyrlCutting, WhyrlDoc, WhyrlBreakfast, WhyrlPowerNap, WhyrlHuntingMysteryDinner, WhyrlWork, WhyrlChobits, Whyrl, WhyrlShopping, WhyrlReport, WhyrlF`edOff, WhyrlHuntingPizza, WhyrlShowerButDifferent1, WhyrlBBQingSausages, WhyrlWatchingNemesis, WhyrlNap, WhyrlZzz, WhyrlAway, WhyrlHuntingChickenWngz, WhyrlHuntingToastedSandwiches, WhyrlCrestTrim, WhyrlHuntingChicken, WhyrlStdy, WhyrlSplashPreen, WhyrlHuntingFish, WhyrlTipsy, WhyrlHack, WhyrlFlying, WhyrlAtWork, WhyrlResting, WhyrlEnterprise, WhyrlPhone, Catfood, WhyrlWatchingSimpsons, WhyrlHuntingSomething, WhyrlHuntingCDT, WhyrlLunch, WhyrlScouting, WhyrlStudy, WhyrlSnackAttack, WhyrlFooting, WhyrlWorking, Whr, WhyrlIdle, WhyrlLab, WhyrlLaundry, WhyrlBeachEagle, WhyrlStud, WhyrlBingoWuffy, GoodWhyrlHunting, WhyrlWatchingER, Whrrl, WhyrlShower, WhyrlWerewolf, root, Gryf, whyrl_, WhyrlAwayDoc, WhyrlSplashy, W, WhyrlHuntingFavFood, WhyrlInterview, WhyrlHatchdayDinner, WhyrlScoutingOutFood, WhyrlRoostingHopefully, WhyrlLunchHunt, WhyrlHunty, WhyrlHuntingLasagne, WhyrlTooManyThingsAtOnce, WhyrlFeedingSeba, WhyrlIllHunting, WhyrledAway, WhyrlFlyingForFood, Preening_Eagle, WhyrlTestingCable, WhyrlHuntingLunch, WhyrlPreening, Whyrl_the_Pizza_Slayer, WhyrlSplashyEagle, WhyrlGryph, WhyrlSplash`N`Preen, WhyrlGettingFood, Whyrl24, WhyrlNekkidShoweringGryph, WhyrlIll, WhyrlFoodystuff, WhyrlFood, WhyrlCleaning, WhyrlGoneStagger-About, WhyrlQuestForBreakingOfFast, WhyrlEAT, WhyrlProgramming, WhyrlTV, WhyrlSnooze, WhyrlZzzRoostSleepBed, WhyrlRoostingActually, WhyrlHunting, WhyrlDinnerAndPirates, WhyrlHuntingRoast, WhyrlFeedingCat, WhyrlTestingAudio, WhyrlAFK, WhyrlSplashing, Whyrl-hrr, WhyrlZzzMaybe, WhyrlGryphAway, WhyrlTryingToCatchPowderfinger, WhyrlGardening, WhyrlScoutingForPizza, WhyrlWatchingDVD, WhyrlAwayMeeting, WhyrlFlybyHunting, WhyrlFoodinating, WhyrlGryphSplashy, WhyrlMovies, WhyrlHuntingTS, Whyrl\Test, EvlGryph, WhyrlHuntingDinner, WhyrlCaffeiTipsyChocoWriting, WhyrlCode, WhyrlFoooood, WhyrlCodi, Worle, WhyrlBingo, WhyrlNetworking, WhyrlDamnMaggotedDrunk, WhyrlHuntingSteak, WhyrlVoyager, WhyrlGaming, WhyrlHuntingUruk`Hen, WhyrlTispy, WhyrlDinner, WhyrlBludging, WhyrlCaffeiTipsyChocoWritingWe, EvlWedgy
4 Saoirse
(129 names)
SaoFoodTypeStuff, SaoAFK, SaoBeingAllSplashyNStuff, SaoLaundry, SaoAwayDoingStuff, SaoDoodling, SaoIdly, Pepita, SaoMuahaha, SaoWritingLikeMad, SaoOffSplashing, SaoAndTad, SaoFoodtime, SaoStalking, SaoGettingClean, PepitaAFK, SaoFoodNStuff, MoltresAFK, SaoWriting, SaoGettingWetNSoapy, SaoTryingToHaveABath, SaoBathSplashSplash, SaoIdling, SaoBlargh, SaoFooood, SaoGettingCleanFinally, SaoDrivingSisterToWork, SaoCoolingOff, SaoAFKFoodNStuff, SaoBathWhee, SaoBlah, SaoBreakfast, SaoTheBathingBeauty, SaoAwayPainting, kittnz, SaoShowerSplash, SaoCleaning, SaoSomewhereElse, SaoInClass, SplashingSao, stabby, Saoirse, SaoFood, SaoFoooooodz, SaoNotHere, SaoFood-n-Stuff, SaoWritingPaper, SaoInTheBath, SaoDinner, SaoLlama, SaoHunting, SaoAwayBathNStuff, SaoGettingWet, SaoKillingFoodstuff, SaoReadingStuff, SaoAtSchool, SaoIdleOnPhone, SaoIdleAgain, Marquesa, SaoElsewhere, SaoBath, SaoSemiIdle, SaoBusyAFK, SaoSplashingAndStuff, PepitaAway, Tadrith, SaoNotAtWork, Saoisre, Saobok, SplishySplashySao, Skandranon, SaoSplashySplashy, SaoAwayFood, SaoFoooood, SaoBathHopefullyFinally, SaoDoingArtStuff, Saoirse-Spaz-O-Matic, SaoReadingOrNapping, SaoWritingAgain, SaoArt, SaoKindaIdle, SaoAwayWantsFood, SaoArtStuff, IdleSao, SaoAwayBirfdayBird, SaoBaff, SaoScavenging, ChibiMoltres, SaoDonut, SaoFoodFoodFood, SaoSplashyWhee, SaoInTheTubWhee, SaoFooding, SplashySplashySaobok, SplishSplashSao, SaoInSchool, SaoBathSplash, Moltres, SaoReading, SaoSoaking, SaoSplashingWhee, ShoweringSao, SaoShower, SaoAway, SaoUpUpAndAway, SaoWanderedOff, SaoDrawin, SaoScanning, SaoDoingStuff, SaoNapping, SaoFurby, SaoIdlish, SplashySao, SaoCrosswords, SaoDrawing, SaoSplashySplash, SaoResting, SaoAwayReading, SaoNibblingTastyTidbits, SaoIsSoooooSexy, SaoSplashing, SaoPhone, SaoBRB, SaoSnugglingTad, SaoBathing, SaoGone, SaoIdle, SaoLunch, SaoSplash
5 Skandranon
(100 names)
LordSkan, SkanAway^2, SkanLaptop, Skandrnaon, SkanBRBFood, SkanRoostign, SkanBrb, SkanParty, SkanBuildingStuff, SkanSolderinf, SkanPacking, SkanSoldering, Chaotica, SkanWobble, Skandrnon, SkanCleaning, SkanLaptopIdle, SkanZzzz, SkanNapping, SkanNappinh, SkanBGTillMonday, SkanIdle, Skandranon, SkanSnoozy, SkanMassiveCleaning, SkanGeoCaching, SkanWobbly, SkanPassedOut, FizzOtter, SkanErrandsBBL, SkanShowerBRB, ChibiSkanNapping, SkanSleeping, SkanErrands, SkanWiringBeastBox, SkanFoodBBL, SkanWorkingOnStuff, SkanAwayTLK, SkanGoneTillMonday, SkanGriffIdle, SkanWorking, SkanCeaderPoint, SkanShower, SkanWoozy, SkanAwayCBD, Skadandranon, SkanComatose, ChibiSkanErrands, Skan, Skandranin, SkanGriffIdly, SkanDinner, SkanKayaking, SkanZzzzzz, SkanAtAnthroCon, Expandranon, SkanBusy, Saoirse, SkanHiking, SkanLounging, SkanHikinh, Skadranon, SkanFlop, ChibiSkanZzz, SkanTryingToGetPacked, SkanGoneForWeekend, SkandIdle, SkanEating, \, SkanAwayFood, SkanFurMeet, `, SkanLunch, SkanDennys, Keenath, Skandrano, SkanIdleFoodstuff, SkanIdl, SkanBBIAB, SkanWorkin, SkanAuroraWatching, ChibiSkan, SkanRoosting, SkanGym, SkanAway, SkanBiking, SkanBBL, SkanDoingStuff, SkanVacation, SkanFood, SkanShoppingGriff, SkanFlopped, SkanZzz, SkanZonkedOut, SkandranonII, SkanBaltimore, SkanRoost, SkanNappingGriff, SkanSplashing, SkanFWorks

Most used words
 Word Number of Uses Last Used by
1 snugs 3801 Pshaw
2 preens 1812 Steelwing
3 wingwaves 959 Gyrhawk
4 gnaws 932 Whitewater
5 flies 838 Hawthorn
6 wings 792 Lugia
7 fluffs 724 Pshaw
8 birds 670 Lugia
9 gryphon 571 Mirrdae
10 roost 513 ArchTeryx

Most referenced nick
 Nick Number of Uses Last Used by
1 Buran 4250 SeaCigar
2 Whyrl 3388 Buran
3 Tadrith 2874 SlickScale
4 Kibbe 2663 Whyrl
5 Skandranon 2620 Whyrl
6 Warphammer 2510 Warphammer
7 Expandranon 2498 Arrow
8 Takena 2123 Takena
9 Hawthorn 1872 Skandranon
10 Aubri 1505 Kibbe
11 Saoirse 1499 Eldarath
12 Steelwing 1305 ClairChocobo
13 Archai 1229 Skandranon
14 Prio 1209 Whyrl
15 Dahliah 1034 Sayh

Most referenced URLs
 URL Number of Uses Last Used by
1 http://www.cgtalk.com/showthread.php?s=&threadid=33802 6 Bushrat
2 http://www.avians.net/skan/SkanBadgeAC02.jpg 4 Skandranon
3 http://www.livejournal.com/talkread.bml?journal=saoirsegryph 4 Bushrat
4 http://www.livejournal.com/users/kolare 3 Kole
5 http://www.avians.net/irc/stats/recent.html 3 Whyrl

Other interesting numbers
Kibbe wasn't very popular, getting kicked 1 times!
For example, like this:
     *** Kibbe was kicked by Aubri

Skandranon seemed to be hated too: 1 kicks were received.
Aubri is either insane or just a fair op, kicking a total of 1 people!
Aubri's faithful follower, Whyrl, kicked about 1 people.
Takena donated 65 ops in the channel...
Whyrl was also very polite: 43 ops from him.
Whyrl is the channel sheriff with 3 deops.
Hawthorn deoped 2 users.
Whyrl always lets us know what he's doing: 9603 actions!
For example, like this:
     * Whyrl cackles.

Also, Tadrith tells us what's up with 7952 actions.
Buran talks to herself a lot. She wrote over 5 lines in a row 76 times!
Another lonely one was Takena, who managed to hit 60 times.
Dyne has quite a potty mouth. 0.9% words were foul language.
Lunariia also makes sailors blush, 0.8% of the time.

Latest Topics
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A witty saying proves nothing, but saying something pointless gets peoples' attention. -- /usr/bin/fortune by Buran on 02:14
Happy Hatchday to our wingy Redtailed wonder and Harpyfeathers! :> Also to Keenath and Aubri! (21st) by Takena on 13:47
Happy Hatchday to our wingy Redtailed wonder! :> Also to Keenath and Aubri! (21st) by Takena on 13:03
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Total number of lines: 290088.

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