Why FAQ?

#Feathers has grown to the point where it is no longer reasonable or fair for the channel and server operators to make arbitrary decisions and assume that everyone is familiar with the "general consensus" of the channel regulars. Basically this document is to give a reasonable indication of what is expected from everyone and make it easier for newcomers to adjust to the new environment.

What this FAQ isn't is a set of rules and regulations to be enforced by anyone. The intention is to encourage friendly chatter (or quiet perching) and hopefully avoid any unpleasantness or misunderstandings. There are just a few rules listed below, but they are common sense.

A quick guide to commonsense

  1. NO ILLEGAL ACTIVITIES WILL BE TOLERATED. This includes, but is not limited to: warez, piracy, underage pornography, computer crime (hacking), or the promotion or allowance of such activities. Any knowledge of such activities taking place will be reported to the appropriate authorities.
  2. Operator status is a privilege, not a right. Abuse of operator privileges will result in privileges being removed.
  3. Harrassment is unacceptable. Without going into definitions, any behaviour of malicious intent towards another individual will not be tolerated. The offender will be warned of this before any action is taken, however, as it often turns out to be a misunderstanding.

NB: For the purposes of Rule 1, the laws of server's location are assumed, that is, the State of Ohio, USA.

About and #Feathers's purpose is to provide a forum for fans of avian (bird and bird-like) creatures to communicate, share ideas and socialise, with a bias towards roleplay. Related forums include the Avians Mailing List on, the FeatherTails group on Yahoo, FeatherMUCK (also hosted on, the New Avians Club (NAC) on FurryMUCK and the Shrilk (gryphon) sphere on SpheresMUX. Some regulars to #Feathers are also members of the Gryphon Guild.'s IRC server is home to #Feathers. There are no other permanent channels on the server but others do show up when need arises. #Feathers loosely revolves around anything of bird, avian, flight, or feathery interest. It is also a small community of friends, some of whom have known each other for many years. Anything obviously off-topic is frowned upon; for example, extensive technical discussions or political events. Discussions such as these should be taken to private messages or a dedicated channel.

Who are the #Feathers regulars?

Birds! ;>

Seriously, everyone in #Feathers assumes the identity of their choosing. The most popular species are birds and gryphons. Interests in avians are biased towards raptors (birds of prey), gryphons, parrots, corvids and waterfowl, although discussion on any avian species or creatures is welcome.

Can you help me with my pet cockatiel/identifying a bird/advice on diet?

Well, we're not ornithologists or vet surgeons, but we'd sure like to help if we can! Some of us have cared for hawks in the past, and others work in rehab. The lucky ones keep birds as pets! So, between our bird experience and extensive ornithological libraries we'll try to answer your questions as best we can!

Just be aware that some of us think we really are birds. We don't mean to scare you away. ;>

Do I have to be a bird?

No, but if you intend on becoming a regular to #Feathers then it is highly recommended that you appear as a bird or bird-like creature. Suggestions are: any species of bird (real, fantastic or extinct), gryphon, hippogrif, or feathered dragon. Robotic, holographic or toy versions are acceptable. We have a couple of furries in #Feathers too but we're trying to assimilate them. It's not so bad being a bird. Honest! ;>

But I just want to be human! :-)


What about RP?

Well, to an extent, everything that happens in #Feathers is RP, just because everyone (or at least most everyone) is some sort of bird, and acts accordingly. That's not to say we're all characters. If you're looking for more intensive roleplay, you're better off going to FeatherMUCK. RP isn't discouraged, but if an RP starts in #Feathers, it'd be a good idea to take it to a private channel.

Who is BirdBot?

BirdBot is's infobot! He is quite useful (or annoying) and loves to pitch in with helpful information (or spam). The most obvious feature is to record a bit of information about yourself, such as by saying:

BirdBot, I am a new face in the #Feathers flock! I am a male golden eagle.

BirdBot takes the form of a robotic parrot with metallic feathers.

Can I run my own bot?

Not in #Feathers, unless you get permission from one of the ops first.

How do I get op status?

Ops are only given out to long-term regulars who show an interest in supporting #Feathers and are trusted with the responsibilities entailed. It's really only necessary to have one or two active ops at any given time. If you'd like a topic set, ask an op to do it for you.

Where is everybirdy?

They might be asleep (particularly if there are a lot of 'roosting' nicks in the channel), at work, or simply not there. Generally the best time to visit is when it's late evening in the US. Check out the stats page to see where the peak activity occurs.

You might also have peeked in at a quiet time. That's fine! Wait around for a few minutes to see if anyone notices or return at another time. We're not a hugely busy channel.

..I mean geographically.

The majority of users are located in the United States, as is the server. There are regulars from Australia, Canada, the UK, Germany and Norway.

What is unacceptable behaviour?

#Feathers is a public channel. It is not the place for "adult" behaviour, such as sexual or violent discussions or actions. Offensive language is unacceptable. Off-colour humour or references are frowned upon. It is generally poor manners to "take over" conversations or push forward a viewpoint without listening to alternative discussion. If a lengthy discussion is occuring between only two people then it is considered polite to take the conversation to private messages. Excessive SHOUTING is rude.

The best guide is, would you say/do this in a public place? If not, don't do it in #Feathers. It is ultimately at the discretion of the operators to decide what isn't acceptable.

Where is the stats page?

The most recent stats page for #Feathers is located here. There are assorted other stats here.

How do I get my icon on the stats page?

E-mail your icon to Whyrl. Please make sure your icon is 64x64 pixels and in JPG, GIF or PNG format.

How far is the Earth from the Sun? :>

150 million kilometres (93 million miles). :>

African or European?

I don't know.... YAAARRRRRRRGHH...!!

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Suggestions for newcomers

I have more questions

Check out the IRC page, drop in and ask the #Feathers channel, or contact the "Windriders" IRC Admin via email (see the MOTD for details).

For more general information on IRC, check out IRC User's Survival Guide.




#Feathers FAQ v1.1


Last modified: 31 August 2002