Welcome to the land of songs, wings, and feathery things!  

This is the world of FeatherMuck, a place for avians to play, to socialize, meet new friends, and enjoy those things avian and dear to our hearts. It is brought to you through the magic of the internet, and the kind services of those at avians.net !

This is a chat system, but it provides more than just words... you can BE your birdness, with the help of built-in systems like a description and other traits that you can set up in your account, such as your interests, real-life information, virtual reality interests for your online persona, and more. You can LOOK at other birds (and gryphons!), and see their description, as well as give them a sniff to check the feathery fragrance the might be wearing! Other features are available too, such as leaving mail for other birds, and building nesting places, and more...!

Many places to chat are available for mammals and dragons and other fun groups too, but we want to offer a special place for those who love to stretch their wings :) If you would like to be a bird and join the flock, you can usually telnet directly with your browser, if you type in telnet://feathermuck.avians.net:8888 (telnet instead of http://) .

A preferred method for seasoned veterans however, is to use a Mud Client, such as TinyFugue for UNIX/LINUX, GMud for Windows95/98, or MUDDweller for Macintosh.

These can be located on the internet through an IXQuick search, or by clicking on these handy links! (which we try to keep updated). These will allow you to type words in a separate section from the text that you read, greatly improving your chat experience. :)

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Here's a list of just a few of our neighborhood of avian friends.. please join us!

fair skies you all! :)